EmRey, “In Your Pocket”

New York-based singer and songwriter EmRey is a one-man show—composing, performing all instrumentation & vocals, engineering, producing and even directing his own video clips. New release “In Your Pocket” offers a jangly-cum-grinding pop-rock anthem packed with melodic mojo and a hook-laden chorus that sticks like Gorilla Glue. Behind the grimacing arrangement is the novel tale of a man facing the final 24 hours of his life before execution… awakening to the fact that he has no time left to make amends. EmRey sings: “Got my life in your pocket now, Should have turned myself round somehow/Now my life’s just a pocket deep, Coz I stooped so low… Now I'm on my knees.” It’s a powerful statement, but just as much a rollicking fine track to roll down life’s highway… with windows down and volume up.

 Chuck Taylor, Billboard Magazine


Chart Success 

No 1 in the 'New Music Weekly Spin Increase Charts' with

'This is America'

No 3 in the 'New Music Weekly TOP 40 Charts' with 

'This is America'